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Summer Fireplaces

Fireplace Regulations & Rules of Use

December - February (Enclosed Drums Only)

Please see some examples below of suitable fireplaces





The base of the Fireplace MUST be a MINIMUM OF 50cm OFF THE GROUND.

Fireplaces MUST be on stable legs (no bricks or blocks).

Fireplaces MUST keep all ash & coal contained in the fireplace.


* A $50 cash refundable deposit must be paid upon check in & signed off as having read & understood the rules & conditions.
(If no cash, a $10 non-refundable surcharge will also be charged to your credit card).
* Fireplaces must be approved by staff before lighting.
*Fireplaces must be positioned within 3m of the Road & have a 3m clearance surrounding & above the Fireplace.
* Collecting wood from the bush or Holiday Park is prohibited.
* Wood must not be cut or split in the Holiday Park.
* Do not leave any firewood on your site when you leave.
* When cooled, ash must be bagged & binned. Do not dump ash or coal on the ground.
* Fires must not be lit on windy days.
* Fires must be kept to a reasonable size; wood must fit into the fireplace (no long lengths).
* Fireplaces must be supervised & attended by an adult at all times.



You will be instructed to extinguish your fire & or, your $50 deposit will not be refunded if:

- you burn the grass,

- if it is not within 3m of the Road,

- if you do not adhere to the Fireplace Regulations & Rules of Use...


Please Note: We do not allow Fireplaces to be used for Cabin bookings.


It is a privilege to have a Fireplace while camping at Kennett River Holiday Park. The management reserves the right to terminate your stay in the case of a serious breach of the above Fireplace Regulations & Rules of Use.



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